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Sagaing Hill, Mandalay

The Hill Of Buddhist Temples

Baby nuns at a Buddhist Monastery

Mandalay, the second biggest city of Myanmar, is plenty of attractions and interesting spots.

If you get away from downtown, you will find the most special and unique places, which represent the pulsing heart of Myanmar and its people.

Baby nuns Baby nuns

Sagaing Hill, less than one hour away from Mandalay, is worth of a visit for sure. Why?

It is considered one of the most important religious site in Myanmar, since it counts more than hundreds of Buddhist temples and monasteries.

The temples are build on the top of the hill, so at night they are all lighten up, creating a wonderful view.

Kid studing at a Buddhist Monastery School Kid studing at a Buddhist Monastery School

U min thonze temple is the most popular temple on the hill, famous for a beatiful series of Buddha’s statues.

On Sagaing Hill you can plunge into the Burmese local life, made of simplicity and lots of smiles.

Visitors have the chance to visit the hundreds of Buddhist monasteries schools, where thousands of children, from the provinces nearby, get free education.

Kids playing at a Monastery School Kids playing at a Monastery School

The kids are always happy to see new people, especially foreigners, so it would be nice to bring them some presents. The most of the baby monks and baby nuns, they’re called so, are sent to the schools by their families, who can’t afford to pay for their education.

The most of the Buddhist schools are also based on donations and volunteering work. If you are thinking about giving your trip a different meaning, you can also ask to volunteer in one of these places.

International Buddhist Academy International Buddhist Academy

You will experience a totally different environment and way of life!

Another famous site in Sagaing Hill is International Buddhist Academy, one of the most prestigious Buddhist school in Myanmar which is open to visitors (it is free of charge).

How to get to Sagaing Hill? The easiest and fastest way is to grab a taxi or a tuk tuk from Mandalay downtown, since there is not public transportation.

International Buddhist Academy International Buddhist Academy