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What You Will Eat In Myanmar

Discover Some Example Of Burmese Food

Shan noodles

Are you planning your trip to Myanmar and don’t know what type of food to expect?

Burmese cousine is not as popular as the Thai or the Vietnamese ones. Myanmar, in fact, is not a very touristy country yet, it is still un uncontaminated oasis in the heart of South East Asia.

Everything is to discover and explore yet, food included!

Main dishes in Myanmar are made of very simple ingredients, such as noodles, rice, vegetables, fish and meat, but the spices make the difference in the flavor.

Frying is probably their favourite way of cooking food: lots of vegetables and meat are deep fried.

Deep fried vegetables Deep fried vegetables

Don't forget that food can be very spicy!


The national dish of Myanmar, called Mohinga, is a tasty fish soup with rice noodles, seasoned with lemongrass, ginger and chickpea flour. The broth has got a very decisive taste and garnished with coriander, spring onions and chillis.

Coconut dessert Coconut dessert

It could sound a bit odd, but Mohinga is normally eaten for breakfast! You will easily find it in markets, hawkers and stalls on the street.

Myanmar people don’t certainly start the day with croissants and cappuccino!

Shan Noodles

Another popular and really delicious Burmese dish is Shan noodles, served with chicken or pork.

What does make this dish so good? The soup is really rich of ingredients and condiments, which create a unique mix of flavors: tomato sauce, peanuts, vegetables, chicken, fish sauce, turmeric, garlic, onions...

Coconut chicken soup Coconut chicken soup

There are two types of Shan noodles: salad, which is the dried version, and soup. The sauce is the same, just the type of noodles are different.

You must absolutely try them!

Coconut chicken soup

Another delicious noodle soup you can enjoy in Myanmar is the coconut chicken soup, which is also normally eaten for breakfast, together with a slice of lime and some crackers. Very common in Yangon!

Street food in Yangon Street food in Yangon

Sweets and cakes

Burmese cousine doesn’t have a lot of sweets dishes, but you can still find some good and tasty desserts.

Banana, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are utilized to make cakes or muffins. Rice is still the main ingredient: in the market you will find agglutinated rice filled with coconut , brown sugar, banana etc…

A very common cold and sweet drink is Moh Let Saung, coconut milk with sago beans.

Bug, Yangon Street food Bug, Yangon Street food


Just a quick reminder: in Myanmar people eat bugs! In Chinatown, in the famouse 19th street in Yangon, you will find a large variety of bugs: larvas, scorpions, crickets and so on. Locals love them!

Will you give them a try?

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