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a year ago

Taman Negara National Park

The Tropical Wild Jungle Of Malaysia

Dreaming of plunge yourself into a natural and wild place, away from modern civilization?

In the heart of Malaysia there is the perfect place for nature-seekers: Taman Negara National Park.

It is a beautiful and uncontaminated rain forest, 130 million years old, of a breathtaking beauty.

Around the forest, on the river side, there are just few hostels, restaurants and guest house, nothing more!

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The park offers a lot of activities, which will drive adventure-seekers crazy!

You can follow different trekking trails just inside the jungle, among spectacular green nature and wild fauna. There might be a slight chance to see tigers if you get deep in the jungle, but it’s very rare.

Other activities you can do: canopy walks, phishing, visiting the aborigine settlement, boat cruise, night jungle tours and…camping inside a cave!

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Does it sound exciting enough?

You can plan all these activities directly from your hostel or guest house. You can also book different packages via the official web site of the park:


Upon arrival, you can purchase the entry ticket for 1RM and the camera permit for 5RM. It is a bit more than 1 euro, so very, very cheap!

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You can stay at one of the hostels or guest house, like Travelodge Taman Nagara, ideal for backpackers on a low budget.

A quick reminder about food: the chose of places to eat is very limited, but you can still have your meals and fill your belly.

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If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur:

Catch a bus from Pekeliling Bus Station to Jerantut (13 RM), from there, get another bus to Taman Nagara (7RM).

You can get to Taman Nagara also from Singapore and Cameron Highlands.

For more information, check this page:

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The ideal time to visit the park is between March and October; during November, December, January, February and March it’s normally raining season. The park closes during high raining season, so make sure to go there on the right time.

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While trekking or hiking, be aware of annoying leeches and mosquitos!

Are you ready to jump into the wild Malaysian jungle?

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