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Tea Plantations Of Cameron Highlands

Be Amazed By An Emerald Green Scenery

Tea Plantations

Malaysia is a country that offers a large variety of places and beautiful landscapes. From big cities to small picturesque towns, from wild jungle to paradise islands.

The tea plantations of Cameron Highlands are certainly something really special.


Cameron Highlands is a small town built in the middle of the jungle and tea plantations, which are the main attractions.

The scenery of the emerald green plantations will leave you simply speechless!

View point View point



From the town there are different trekking paths that you can follow and that will take you to the tea plantations.

It’s better if you use an offline map on your phone, like, since there might not be signal in some areas.

The trekking paths, between 10-15km, are pretty narrow and right in the middle of the forest. Are you ready for a trekking adventure?

If you feel too tired (it can also be very hot) you can rest at the top of a view point and eat some snacks.


Remember to bring your own water and some food, because there are not shops or restaurants on the way.

Once you reach the plantation, just keep walking around and take pictures!

The green color of this natural scenery is almost unreal and unbelievable.


You can finish your trekking path ending up in one of the tea house, Cameron Highlands Tea House 1 or 2, where you can taste and buy different types of delicious tea and typical sweets.

You will be asked 5RM as a “exit fee” from the tea plantation.

Here you can find the complete map with the trekking trails:

Village on the trail Village on the trail



You can get a bus to Cameron Highland from George Town (around 10 euro) or Kuala Lumpur (around 5 euro).

The trip is not too long and the bus are very comfortable.

Just a a quick reminder. The weather in Cameron Highlands is very different from the rest of the country: the temperature can drop very easily, especially during the night. So get your self a sweater and long pants!


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