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Columbia Road Flower Market

London’s Prettiest Market

There’s no shortage of amazing markets to visit in London. From the vibrant Brick Lane Sunday Market to the more established (and touristy) Covent Garden Market, there’s a market for practically everyone in this city! One of my favorite markets when I lived in London was the Columbia Road Flower Market.

This market is located on Columbia Road in East London, and it happens every Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM. The street itself is really cute, with lots of little boutiques, pubs, gardening shops, and more. On Sundays, it is transformed into an urban oasis, packed with different kinds of plants and flowers.

You can find fresh cut flowers here- when I went during the summer they had lots of sunflowers and hydrangeas! You can also find potted houseplants, including lots of ferns and succulents, to brighten up your home.

I only went to window shop at this market (because I was moving soon and didn’t want any plants to die in my care), but this would be a great place to get some greenery for your home! Go early if you want to the best pick of the bunch- it gets very crowded after noon.