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Tolantongo Oasis

Hidalgo Mexico

Tolantongo is a natural park in the state of Hidalgo, just 2 hours away from Mexico City. This is a very touristic place where you can spend a nice weekend with family or friends and it has a lot of things to do.


Relax on the natural pools that are created by damming small warm springs. The best part about these pools is their turquoise color and since the water comes from the spring it has unique transparency and ideal temperature to relax (38 degrees Celsius!). A hot bath!


An adventure up high is to pass this bridge that is also very beautiful and you can have photographic memories from that point. The adrenaline is good with the view of the mountains, waterfalls, and pools as it is very close to them.


It is time to connect with the land of this place, enjoying on foot the trails and routes being a good way to receive the surprises of the vegetation, the sounds of nature and the river. This place is perfect to take excellent photographs of the landscape.


If you are a brave traveler this activity is for you! In the Tolantongo Grottoes, you can make up to four pitches and travel 890 meters as you fly between the mountains at maximum speed while you admire the landscape.


You can get to enjoy this natural attraction since the camping area is on the banks of this great river, which is also very shallow; It is advisable to do it with water shoes and with great care but you will undoubtedly spend hours of real delight.

There are 3 hotels in the natural park where you can stay for not much money or you can sleep in the camping area, don’t worry this is a really safe place. The entrance to the park is $150 Mexican pesos and is open all week.

I did this trip with Hang Out Querétaro which is a travel agency that makes this trip twice a year but if you want to go by yourself you need to take a bus from Mexico City’s north bus station to Ixmiquilpan and once you get to that bus station you take another bus to Tolantongo.

In Tolantongo the food is very cheap but if you’re traveling by car you can take your own food and drinks to make a bbq at the side of the river.

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