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Boat Party in Xochimilco!

Mexico City, Mexico

Cuemanco docks

Xochimilco is located in the south of Mexico City, and this is a famous area because it is nothing compared to the urban facade of Mexico city. In this world heritage site, you can find an exciting array of things from flower markets, food markets, handicraft stores, and most importantly, the water canals.

You can take a trip on the water canals on a boat called "trajinera" which is made from wood and is painted in very bright colors. 

You can take this trip while eating and drinking snacks along the way because there are people selling food and drinks in smaller boats that come close to your boat. You can enjoy traditional music from the musicians that travel on other boats along the way, or you can listen to your music if you have a portable speaker.

Also, amid such splendor, you will find an unexpected place that will bristle your skin: the island of dolls. This place comes with a special story about a guy who lived there and gathered dolls to protect his house from spirits, and it is now a touristic place.

Xochimilco is far from all metro stations and is very complicated to arrive on public transport so it's easier to take an uber which will cost you like $12 USD and it will take you to the center, so you don't get lost.

Spending the day on Xochimilco can get a little expensive, but I think it's worth it. For the day I think we spent about $40

I did this trip with Hang Out Mexico which make this tour twice a year for $15 USD but if you want to go on your own is always open.

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