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Rafting Down The Rio Grande

Port Antonio

If you’re in Port Antonio, Jamaica and you don’t go down the Rio Grande river on a raft, than you totally wasted your trip. The Rio Grande River is an attraction that every eco tourist should adventure upon. The multi-mile rafting ride has it shares of twists and turns but boasts some of the most beautiful scenary one can witness.

Wild Horses Wild Horses

Each raft comes with a captain and they literally steer their rafts with a pole. Their ability to steer the raft through the winding rivers, seems effortless.

My son tried his rafting skills My son tried his rafting skills

The tour comes with a lunch on the side of a river, prepared by none other than Belinda, who’s cooking is absolutely amazing. The dining area will make you feel like your in an episode of Survivor.

Belinda’s Riverside Kitchen Belinda’s Riverside Kitchen

Enjoy all you can eat crawfish, rice and other delicables, cooked fresh by Belinda in what appears to be a makeshift kitchen. However, don’t let the simple set up fool you, the flavors are complex and restaurant worthy.

Curry Crawfish Curry Crawfish

Oh yeah, you get all the Red Stripe you can drink!

Red Stripe Red Stripe