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Siparos: Best Seafood in Paros, Greece

Paros, Greece

Siparos in Paros, Greece Siparos in Paros, Greece

Looking for authentic seafood in Paros, Greece, you must try Siparos. Its the perfect place for lunch right after a day at the beach. The menu is filled with traditional Greek dishes. My recommendation is you get a whole fish cooked over charcoals. It’s served ala carte with lemon and olive oil. Simply perfect.

Get The Grilled Fish Get The Grilled Fish

The waiter will take the bones out for you and serve it up so all you have to do is dive right in.

Served For You Served For You

Fried anchovies are a great starter with a glass of rose, Greek salad, bread and of course Taiziki.

Fried Anchovies Fried Anchovies

Done! Done!