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Agafay Stone Desert

Morocco // 2019

Morocco has quickly become one of my favorite destinations to travel to outside europe that isn’t a double-digit hour flight away! It’s fairly easy to get to and it has so many gorgeous values as a destination for travelers from all over the world. One of the things that makes it stand out massively is it’s diversity in landscapes! Crossing over the atlas mountains you can experience climates, views and vegetation of all seasons, all over the course of just a few hours. The Atlas mountains stretch over 2,500km in distance and reach a peak height of 4,167!

camps in the distance in the Agafay Desert camps in the distance in the Agafay Desert

Between Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains lies the Agafay Stone Desert, a place which I have visited 3 times already in 2019! The textures and views here are absolutely breathtaking – unbelievable sights of the Atlas Mountains in the distance are complemeneted by the vast amounts of beautiful desert before it. It has become a popular place to experience luxury camping as more and more camps have been setting up a base in this area – the first of which was Scarabeo Camp.

Scarabeo Camp at Dusk Scarabeo Camp at Dusk

From what I have seen, Scarabeo Camp has the best views and most aesthetically pleasing camp of the ones in the region, and are also the founding fathers of the entire idea there! It is impressive to see how well the tents blend in with the landscapes and it honestly makes you feel like you are a part of a film production on another planet when you are there.

The tents at Scarabeo Camp make you feel like a Hollywood star! The tents at Scarabeo Camp make you feel like a Hollywood star!

The formations in the desert are incredibly beautiful and seem to change only due to rain, which is extremely rare there, so when it does rain it seems to create impressive erosive patterns in the ground running through the desert. Overall this desert is just such a unique place to visit, and I highly recommend spending 2-3 nights out there if you decide to visit Marrakech as it is only a 45 minute drive away and the views are more than worth it!

Additionally you can partake in activities like enjoying the scenic desert on a camel ride or even on ATV or buggies!

I advise going in april/may and september/october as the best times in terms of temperatures. Between october and april it can be quite chilly at night, and between june and august the temperatures can reach up to 50-55˚C, which for most is absolutely unbearable! Let me know if you have any questions about the region and I’ll be happy to help out! Happy travelling, friends!

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