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Gunj_Guglani contributor

5 Must Do's In Bali

If you ever find yourself in Bali

These are the 5 things you have to do in bali for sure!

1- gaze at the magical sunset by the beach sipping on your bintang or just go dance with the waves.

berawa beach berawa beach

2- when in Bali you have to rent a custom made bike which you can at a lot of stores in Canggu, i got mine from Malamadre in Canggu they usually range it from 250k IDR - 400k IDR depending on how powerful and new the bike is and then go ride it right on the beach!

There are a few beaches that you can ride bikes on ( pig stone beach, and pasut beach)

3- catch the mesmerizing sunrise in the rice fields of Ubud, the cultural heart land of bali as they call it, is famous for the green glory and the huge rice step plantations.

Tegalalang rice terraces are the most famous ones.

The best time to visit these is right around sunrise thats when you can witness the light rays peeking in through these coconut trees.

tegalalang rice  fields tegalalang rice fields

4- Go on a waterfall mission!

There are so many waterfalls in bali but Nungnung waterfall being the most dens. And one of the biggest is my favourite , the entrance ticke. Is 20k IDR and there are 500 steps to get done! But its all worth the efforts.

nung nung waterfall nung nung waterfall

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