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Gunj_Guglani contributor

Guide to Gili T island


The three tiny islands on the west of Lombok are a must a visit if you ever find yourself in Indonesia.

Gili T is more of a party paradise, there's a party every night at a pre decided club,

These islands only have bicycles, horse carts as a means of transport, and if you start riding your bike from one end and go around you will end up at the same spot in roughly about an hour, that being said the islands are tiny yet full of life.


Now there are multiple ways to get there depending on which island you want to get there from:

I Flew from Bali to Lombok which cost me about 500k IDR and then I took a fast boat from west coast of Lombok to Gili T which cost me another 80k IDR.

One can take a direct fast boat from Padand Bai to Gili T (or any of the Gili Islands) for 400k IDR.


There are a few experiences that one ought to have when you plan your trip,

1- Riding your bikes by the coast:

2- Boat party in the open ocean.

boat party in Gili T boat party in Gili T

3- Snorkel around these island to get a glimpse of the amazing marine life.

underwater statues in Gili Meno underwater statues in Gili Meno

4- You can also do you scuba license at Gili T.

While Gili T is more of a party place, Gili Meno and Gili Air are more quite and laid back where you can take it slow on your holidays and enjoy the summer days all year along as the weather remains same throughout.

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