Bardenas Reales

Semi-desert / Spain

In the south east of Navarre, a quirk of nature with incredible countryside awaits you. Bardenas Reales is a semi-desert classified as a World Biosphere Reserve. Its sculpted by time landscapes are unique and beautiful.

Bardenas Reales is divided into two types of scenery, Bardena Blanca and Bardena Negra. On one hand, the casts and clays of an almost-lunar landscape form Bardena Blanca, with its characteristic ravines and summits topped by enormous stones, known locally as heads, like the Castildetierra, the Friar and the Cortinillas. On the other, is the greener Bardena Negra, whose Aleppo pine forests, reflecting the natural diversity available here.

Bardenas Reales offers in total, 700 km of paths which offer you the chance to discover unique scenery you won't find anywhere else.

This semi-desert offers many hikes and walks. If you are motivated and sporty, Gran Bardena is a path of over 70 km, which allows you to see many beautiful landscapes. There are also more accessible paths such as the Landazuria. Personally, we didn't do some hikes, we didn't plan for equipments and the necessary time because we didn't expect such a grandiose setting. So we drove for a while and stopped at different spots to observe, enjoy and take pictures of this splendid nature. You also could see some different kind of birds and animals.

Our stay at Bardenas Reales was in 2015. We did a road trip with our tent from Switzerland to Spain. During our visit of Bardenas Realer we were staying in this pretty little campsite, near the town of Villafranca. It's located in a calm and natural environment. The campsite offers a swimming pool, a restaurant and very nice sanitary facilities.

In the area there is also the animal park of Sendaviva. A nice little place ideal for a funny and lovely time.