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Arianna Labyrinth

A stunning work of art in the heart of Sicily

What if they tell you there is a huge salmon-colored labyrinth in the middle of Sicilian mountains? Would you believe it?

Well, you have to because it really exists.

The Labyrinth of Arianna is a work of contemporary art that is part of the Fiumara d'Arte, a significant art installation all over the Sicilian hinterland, designed by Antonio Presti.

It is located among the Nebrodi mountains, near the small town of Castel di Lucio, in the province of Messina.

The Labyrinth was built on the crest of a hill in 1990 by the artist Italo Lanfredini and it is inspired by the Greek myth of Arianna and the Minotaur.

What does it mean?

The idea behind the labyrinth is really fascinating. It represents the human journey we all start when we were born. That’s why once you enter, you should be guided by a specific purpose in mind.

Follow the path, made of concentric circles, get lost a bit and then find your way again. Walking along the way represents a process of purification, a deep cathartic experience.

It is not just a sculpture, the labyrinth is a spiritual path. Once you are out, you are “reborn” again.

How the get there

The Arianna's Labyrinth has no admission price. It can be accessed for free at any time of the day.

The only way to get there is by car. You can park a little far away and walk around the beautiful natural scenery. The Sicilian outback is very exceptional, with its wild vegetation and bare rocks.

Don’t forget to wear a jacket, it will be a bit cold.

You will discover a totally different side of Sicily, where nature and art come together in a wonderful union.

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