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Cefalù, Sicily

A tiny gem nearby Palermo

Cefalù's beach

Sicily is really a wonder island, filled with lots of astounding places.

Cefalù is one of them. It is a small village located on the northern coast, about 70 km from Palermo, at the foot of a rocky promontory 270 mt high.

Does it already sound like a fascinating out-of-time location?

Cefalù\x27s beach Cefalù's beach

Cefalù and its medieval old town is part of the Madonie Park and it is listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Walk along the narrow streets of the center, among tiny craft shops and traditional restaurants and bars.

Don’t forget to look up, it’s plenty of balconies with hanging clothes and flower pots- a very typical habit from Southern Italy.

The Cathedral

The major landmark in Cefalù is the Cathedral, built in 1267, was declared part of the Unesco heritage in 2015.

According to a legend, the king Roger the II wanted to build the Cathedral, because of a holy vow he made, after escaping a storm and landing on the beaches of the town.

Cefalù\x27s cathedral Cefalù's cathedral

Inside the cathedral you can admire the several Byzantine-style mosaics; on the apse the figure of Christ the pantocrator stands out with its impressive look.

What to visit

Here are some other attractions you will find in Cefalù:

  • The temple of Diana, a megalithic structure dating back to the 9th century BC. It is located on the top of the Cefalù promontory and rises about 150 meters above sea level. It’s the best place to watch the sunrise and the sunset.

  • The public wash house, dating from the Middle Ages, located a few meters below street level. During summer, when it’s very hot, you can walk down the lava stone stairs and keep cool down there.

  • The Mandralisca, a museum which preserves different fifteenth-century paintings and the famous “Portrait of an unknown sailor”, by Antonello da Messina.

The beach

Last but not the least: the beach. Cefalù is bordered by a very long sandy beach, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent; there is also a free area where you can spread your towel and enjoy the sun. The sea is very calm most of the time, sparkling with its light blue color.

After a day in the sun you can stroll along the promenade, in front of the sea, where you will find a lot of restaurants, ice cream shops and bars.

During the summer, events of various kinds are offered to the public and visitors, like gastronomic festivals and music concerts.

Cefalù is a perfect destination for families, groups of friends and couples in love. You’ll dive into old history, beautiful seaside, picturesque streets and, of course, amazing Sicilian food.

How to get there

By car or by train from Palermo.


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