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Serene and sexy low key vibes on the sea.

Siracusa is a historic city in Sicily, the capital of the province of Syracuse. This beautiful city is known for its Greek history, amphitheatres, architecture, delicious cuisine. Siracusa was known to be once the most important city in Sicily during the grandeur of the empire. We noticed the wealth has remained to this day; especially on the island of Ortigia . Walking around we saw remnants of this in the limestone columns of a majestic Greek temple supporting what is nowadays the cathedral. We were excited to make Sicacusa the the perfect start to our magical two weeks in Sicily.

Our gorgeous hostess Laura (owner of  Musciara Siracusa Resort where we stayed) and her friends . Our gorgeous hostess Laura (owner of Musciara Siracusa Resort where we stayed) and her friends .

Our holiday in Sicily began with our stay at a perfect luxurious resort called Musciara Siracusa Resort.Arriving to Siracusa after a nine hour flight from New York City, with a connecting flight through Rome. A 45 minute drive from Catania airport. The sheer joy on our faces when we were met by our lovely hostess Laura who is also a co owner of the resort. Her huge smile and welcome as she showed us around, felt like a slice of heaven in Sicily. The location is superb, a 10 to 15 minute lively walk to Ortigia. I booked us double rooms, one for the husband and myself. A second room for our teenager. Our spacious room sat directly on the sea with huge windows for an endless view. The interiors of the entire resort are a mix of luxury, classic and modern. The common areas were perfect to lounge. My teenager loved reading in the living room/reception area. We had a private beach with crystal clear water and lovely sun loungers. The staff was attendant and loved the spritz and granita service at the beach. We had a daily complimentary breakfast , natural juices , Italian pastries, cheeses and other delicious eats. The serene yet sexy vibe at this owner run right on the sea was our perfect start to our two weeks in Sicily.

A room with a view A room with a view

View of Ortigia Island. View of Ortigia Island.

Our spectacular room on the water

Modern, stylish interiors Modern, stylish interiors

My husband having an evening swim. My husband having an evening swim.

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