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a year ago

Hsinbyume Pagoda

A Romantic Memorial of Love

There is a legend which tells that King Bagyidaw built a huge white pagoda in memory of her wife, Queen Hsinbyume. In fact, she died in childbirth in 1816: her name meant “white elephant”.

This story can’t be actually confirmed, but we don’t want to disappoint romantic people. So we want to believe that the origin of this beautiful pagoda came from a broken heart man, who wanted to remember her beloved wife for ever.

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The architecture of Hsinbyume pagoda has to a lot do with Buddhist mysticism; its structure represents, in fact, the shape of Mount Meru, a legendary golden mountain. According to Hindu mytology and cosmology, it stands in the center of the world, holding its axis.


Hsinbyume Pagoda has got a unique and spectacular decor; its bright white color glows and shines in the sun. It is a real treasure of beauty and art and, undoubtedly, an unmissable magical spot in Myanmar.

What a great chance to get stunning pictures!



Hsinbyume Pagoda is located in the north of Mingun, almost 40 km from Mandalay.

There is no public transportation, so you can either join an organized tour, hire a driver or rent a car/motorbike.

The entrance fee is less than 4 euro.

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