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Casa Malca. A Kingpin’s Lost Paradise

My stay at the infamous Tulum retreat

Entrance to Paradise

Disclaimer. I am a sucker for chesterfield sofas. So, needless to say, my favorite part of my four day stay at Casa Malca, wasn’t the art on display through out the hotel, nor was it the moat of white and beach accessible from seeming every corner of the property. No, it was the chesterfield sofa swing.

The Swinging Chesterfield Sofa The Swinging Chesterfield Sofa

Where Can I Buy One of These? Where Can I Buy One of These?

In My Element In My Element

Don’t get me wrong, the entire hotel is an experience. Having a drink at the bar against a backdrop of one of Keith Haring’s works is surreal. The fact that the former estate of a drug kingpin has become your playground is surreal. But it’s the chesterfield, hanging six inches above a sandy, sienna carpet, that encapsulates what makes Casa Malca special.

I’ve been to resort towns, like Ibiza, before. They are all beautiful and do a good job of mixing old world architecture with bungalows and a good time. What makes Casa Malca different is that, from the shell white walls to the rough wood panels throughout the entire, it is hard to tell where the hotel ends and Tulum begins. The chesterfield swing, which I never missed an opportunity to lounge on, is draped by shredded palm trees and oversized billowing linen drapes. From the pool you can look out on the beach below through an arch of thatched palm. This place feels like a secret, a paradise untouched and unchanged. It feels like you’ve inherited a key to some long lost manor. And in actuality, you have. Thank you, Mr. Malca.

Interior is Unlike any Other Interior is Unlike any Other

How I spent Most of my Days How I spent Most of my Days