Rising clouds; explained!

A Phytoplankton Story

This is an awareness story about our ocean.

Last November, in Tulum-Mexico, I had taken this shot adoring how big the clouds were.

At the background of these clouds there is a super scientific story about phytoplanktons.

When they say; phytoplankton plays an important role of providing 50% percent of the air we breathe, we can believe it because science has a lot to offer that we don't know about.

However today on “Our Planet” documentary, it proved me that the reason of this rising cloud is also phytoplanktons. Here is why;

“Moisture evaporating from the ocean condenses around tiny particles created by the plankton. These droplets combine to grow into colossal clouds. They can rise 20km into the atmosphere”

“These oceanic clouds reflect the sun’s energy back into space,helping to protect the Earth from rising temperatures.”

Not only do the oceans produce half the oxygen we breathe, they also drive the weather and climate, transporing life-giving fresh water around the world.

Earth is such a blessing.

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