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Sunrise Espressos at Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum, and Raw Love

Don't forget your SPF!

Over the past couple of years Tulum has quickly become a favorite winter time destination for my friends and a lot of other twenty somethings. Given this fact there is no shortage of great hotels dotting the spit of beach that make up the resort town. However, Ahau just has a different vibe about it. Everything, from the bikes guest use, to the dogs running around on the beach, to the morning yoga classes makes the hotel feel more like a village than a resort.

The fact that my room was essentially a hut surrounded by trees only served to deepen that feeling. Watching the first rays of light shoot up over the trees while drinking a morning espresso on the deck will make any place feel like home. More so when your morning run along the beach ends with a stop at Raw Cafe, as if it were a ritual you’ve had for years. You start to feel more like an expat than a tourist, and this is coming from an expat.

Our  Bali Hut Our Bali Hut

As one would expect from an eco-resort, the food is other worldly. Whether it was at Raw or the resort restaurant, I did not have a bad meal and, as my stay in Tulum was coming to an end, I found myself eating my meals more often than not on the hotel grounds. And that’s not a bad thing when those grounds are as beautiful as the Ahau beachfront.

As a Vegan I was in LOVE at Raw Love. Acai Bowl!  YUM! As a Vegan I was in LOVE at Raw Love. Acai Bowl! YUM!
Fruit with Raw Coconut Cream Fruit with Raw Coconut Cream

Beach Front Vibes Beach Front Vibes