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The Most Beautiful Night In The Sahara

Sunset in the Sahara Desert

When we reached the camp, we immediately climbed the massive dune in front of us

When we reached the top of the dune, the sun wasn’t fully hidden past the horizon yet, but we were already able to see some stars as the sun was setting. The view from the top was truly stunning.

We admired the sunset for half an hour before we went to have dinner. The dinner was served by the nomads. High flows of tajin couscous and bread were served. All of this together with other 20 people. Different people from different cultures came here to see the same thing. The desert, the dunes, colors, especially a night where the sky is full; full of millions of stars. Never before had I seen anything like this.

Night sky in the Sahara Night sky in the Sahara

After dinner, the nomads started to play guitar drums and sang some lots of Berberian songs. The party was ready. 3 hours of shisha, dance, drums, and songs. We need nothing more for that night.

In the confusion of the party, we had the opportunity to speak with one of the craziest nomads in the Sahara desert! Said!

the most iconic photo of the trip .. the most iconic photo of the trip ..

He is totally crazy, he is only 22 and never went to school, but he speaks Italian, Berberian, English, and Spanish perfectly! I'm not sure, but I don’t think he lives anywhere in particular - he said that his home is desert. He told us that he hates the confusion, pollution and the rumors of the city. He's just a humble person from the desert. After that, he lit a fire in the middle of the camp and the real desert night began. Berberian stories, music, and shisha were shared throughout the night. At 3AM we put the fire out and just admired the night sky.

The sight was outstanding. No words can explain the feelings and beauty I saw at that moment. No one spoke - there was no noise, no light, just lying in the sand. The only thing that I heard was the wind. Calm, and relaxing. No clouds, only million of lights painted in the sky.

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