One of 1240 islands in Croatia... island Mali Losinj

The main center and the largest town on all the islands in Croatia, has 7000 inhabitants, and is spreading and developing every year. Unconsciously known for shipbuilding, which has been developed today but not as much as before. Thanks to the Austro-Hungarian rule, which, by investing in the villas that today make up this place, has stimulated tourism, which today is the main branch of the island’s survival of fisheries and agriculture. The city itself was re-italianized after the Austro-Hungarian rule and annexed to Italy until 1942 when the island was returned to Croatia. The lowest number of inhabitants after the war was 2200. With the development of tourism, Lošinj is now positioned on the map of the world as one of the most famous summer destinations. In addition to the finding of the abtic bronze statue Apoksiomen, a special 5-room museum was built, in which the story of the age when the seagulls were floating in these seas and the way in which this ancient statue got its present appearance. Famous personalities of the city are Josip Kašman opera singer who created his name on the world stage to return to and enjoy in his home in Lošinj, the famous shipbuilder Nikola Martinolic. Ambroz Haracic, who started the afforestation of the Čikat Forest Park, a botanist. And many others who have borne this place.

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