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Trieste, Multicultural and Fascinating

The city which hosted Joyce and many others

When you arrive in Trieste, you might feel a bit lost and think to this really Italy? Well, yes, it is!

A view of Trieste A view of Trieste

The fancy buildings and the large streets will remind you of Central European countries, and you would not be completely wrong in thinking so seeing as Trieste used to be part of Austria. Located in the East of Northern Italy, this pearl of Friuli Venezia-Giulia (be careful when you say this to locals, some of them might feel that Trieste should be a state on its own!) faces the sea on one side and the rest of the world on the other. Located near the border with Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria, taking a walk in the city centre will quickly make one realize how multicultural this city is. All of the people you hear speaking different languages are not tourists, but actually small diverse communities living there.

A view of Trieste A view of Trieste

This city is very famous for “Bora”, the strong wind that strikes every now and then, and of course for its cultural value. Just to give you an example, Trieste has treasured many important personalities including James Joyce, who is today quietly walking amongst the locals (it’s a statue, not a ghost!). And don’t forget about the stunning Piazza Unità d’Italia that will leave you breathless, especially at sunset when the last light of the day turns the exterior of the main buildings a glorious color gold.

Joyce\x27s statue in Trieste Joyce's statue in Trieste

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