A day in Paris

To never forget

Here is a day I wish it had never ended. I never had the dream that many has about knowing Paris and the Eiffel Tower. I just putted it in my route by the third day of travel. Until then, I had not seen even the top of it.

I walked from Arc de Triomphe to the Place du Trocadéro. When I arrived there and looked aside, finally saw the Tower. There is a really privileged view from there. And for my surprise, the Tower was so much more beautiful than I expected. A feeling that I had never imagined, blew up on me. Then I became just one more dazzled tourist, so happy as if I had wished for a lifetime to be there.

I went up the Tower when it was still day, saw the whole city from above until evening - because obviously I had to watch the sunset from there. When I went down back it was night already and voilà: the Eiffel Tower was completely stunning and illuminated, posing to my pics.

Do you know when we just forget the time and enjoy it hurryless? It was that. I walked by there, took some pictures, ate a sweet and delicious Nutella crêpe and, when I realized, it was already 11pm, I was alone and with no battery on my phone. So I had to come back. But here is a day I wish it had never ended.

Tip of a classic-and-on-foot itinerary I made that day: Musée du Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, Champs-Élysées Avenue, Arc de Triomphe, Kléber Avenue, Place du Trocadéro, Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars.

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