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The Unique Street Food In Yangon

Fill your belly at the 19th street, Chinatown

If you are visiting Yangon and wondering where to have the best food experience, then go to 19th street, in Chinatown.

The bustling and bubbling neighborhood of Chinatown is famous for the variety of food available on the street. Especially at night.

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Most of the people, especially locals, gather together for dinner and share their meals at the popular 19th street, where the choice of food are practically unlimited.

The street became very, very popular for barbecue and satay offered just in the street. You need just to pick what you want to eat and the cook will grill it in front of you. You can choose among a variety of meat, fish and vegetables.

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Does it sound already delicious?

So make your order and take a seat at one table! That would also be an opportunity to meet people around you and mingle with the locals.

If the exceptional variety of food is not enough for you, why don’t you try the bugs?

There is a street vendor dedicated just to sell fried larvas, crickets, scorpions etc… Apparently locals are crazy about bugs, crispy and tasty.

In the 19th street you can really find any type of food you want, bugs included!


IG: chiaramaggiore_ph

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