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Why You Should Absolutely Visit Myanmar

A Country Full Of Surprises

Hsinbyume Myatheindan Pagoda


Myanmar is not the first country that would come up in people’s mind for their travels in South East Asia.


Probably because Thailand, its neighbor, has been the most popular tourist attraction in the last 30 years, becoming very commercial.

They say that Myanmar looks like Thailand back in the old days, before tourism took over the whole country.

This is actually true.

Lately tourism has increased a lot in Myanmar, cities like Yangon have developed great infrastructures, but the rural aerea is still prevalent. And this is the most fascinating and suggestive side of the country that must be explored.

Bagan Bagan

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The magic of Myanmar lies in its non-exploited surroundings, where you can still see fishermen and peasants around.

Myanmar is still un uncontaminated oasis in the heart of South East Asia, but probably it won’t be so for that long.

That’s the first reason why you should absolutely go there, as soon as possible!

Inle Lake Inle Lake


Myanmar is considered one of the least developed country.

Sadly the rate of poverty is still high and people struggle to get by every day, but, despite of the economic condition, they still smile.

It’s credible how kind, respectful and genuinely friendly these people are.

Street Vendor Street Vendor

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Women, men and children of any age will be waving to you while walking on the street, with a true smile on their face.

They are extremely curious about foreign people and even though they don’t speak English, they would make an effort to communicate and give you a warm welcome.

Another reason to visit Myanmar: it is a country when you will definitely feel home!

Students at a Buddhist Monastery School Students at a Buddhist Monastery School

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In Myanmar there are 10,000 religious monuments, including pagodas, temples and monasteries. It is an immense cultural and religious heritage that tells the story of the country.

On of the most important religious spot in Myanmar is the huge Shwedagon Pagoda, in Yangon, which you can’t miss for anything in the world.

Bagan Bagan

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Another not-to-be missed site is Sagaing Hill, close to Mandalay, where you’ll be amazed by hundreds of Buddhist temples and monasteries.

If you are a sunrise hunter and sunset lover, Bagan will blow your mind. Roam around old Bagan among its 2000 pagodas and temples, located in the peaceful and silent countryside. Perfect spots to watch the sun coming up and setting, above this marvelous extension of pagodas.

Sometimes traveling takes you to witness authentic places full of beauty. Myanmar has got plenty of them!

Mandalay Mandalay

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The first day I arrived in Yangon I bought a piece of cake off a street vendor and I paid 300 kyat. I didn’t realize that it was only 18 cents of euro!

In fact Myanmar is the ideal destination for backpackers and people traveling on a tight budget.

Shan Noodles Shan Noodles

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You can easily have a whole meal, like rice and vegetables or a bowl of noodles, for less than 1 euro. Food can be ridiculously cheap and very delicious, especially on the street.

Transportations are also very, very affordable, especially the public ones. You can get the local night train from Mandalay to Bagan for only 2.40 euro!

Your wallet will thank you for sure.

So how many other reasons you need to plan your trip to Myanmar?


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Inle Lake Inle Lake
People in costumes People in costumes

Baby Nuns at a Buddhist monastery school Baby Nuns at a Buddhist monastery school

Mandalay Hill Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Mandalay

Shwedagon Pagona, Yangon Shwedagon Pagona, Yangon

Myanamar snacks Myanamar snacks

U Bein Bridge, Mandalay U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

Street food, Yangon Street food, Yangon

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