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Huasteca Potosina, México

The stunning, tropical Huasteca Potosina is a lush, remote subregion of San Luis Potosí but worlds away from it in both geography and climate. Filled will incredible waterfalls and swimming holes, the result of the rivers that flow eastward from the slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental, this alluring region offers some of central Mexico's most breathtaking scenery. A perfect place for ecotourism where you can jump from waterfalls over 10 m tall swim in rivers, rowboats to get to see a waterfall that will surprise you.

The waterfalls here look as though they’ve been photoshopped, so rich is their aquamarine hue due to the high calcium content in the surrounding rocks. The rich culture of the local Huastec people (Tének), plus extraordinary sinkholes, caves, and bird-watching make a visit here extremely rewarding. The best time to visit is in the dry season, between November and March. The wet season brings heavy rains and high, less-clear waters.

Inside the area of La Huasteca Potosina you can find Xilitla, a small town but with a unique surreal site. The Edward James Castle is an incredible sculpture park created by Edward James, the eccentric English poet, and patron of surrealist art.

Edward James Castle Edward James Castle

Huasteca Potosina Trip with Hang Out Mexico Huasteca Potosina Trip with Hang Out Mexico

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