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Volcano Hike!

Toluca, Mexico

I had the opportunity to visit "El Nevado de Toluca" for the first time. This is one of the most beautiful dormant volcanoes in the State of Mexico, so if you are looking for a little adventure without having to go far from Mexico City, this is the option for you. Situated just outside the underrated city of Toluca (the State of Mexico’s capital), the Nevado is perhaps the biggest attraction in the area, both literally and figuratively, and is actually the fourth highest peak in Mexico.

To get to the Nevado de Toluca, you have to take the Mexico-Toluca highway, until you reach the "Valle de Bravo Ixtapan" deviation, from there you will have to follow the signs "Volcano Xinantécatl-Sultepec" until you reach another deviation. But to save you any trouble you can book a tour with some agency, I would recomend:

Hang Out Mexico: They Often make trips to Nevado with tourists from other countries, you can find them on facebook or web page or their partners Hang Out Queretaro.

As well as warm clothes, I would also advise packing a lunch, because once you get to the second basecamp (the one just below the lakes), there’s only a small shed selling snacks and drinks, but nothing more substantial than that.

If you forgot a lunch, you could make a small stop at the Parque de Los Venados booth. There you can have breakfast, and go to the bathroom, but take into account that the entrance has a small cost.

You must arrive early as the entrance opens at 8 am and closes around 3 pm. In that area, the temperature is usually low, so don't forget to wear jackets, gloves, and a hat to protect yourself from the cold. Also, you will have to walk a long distance, so wear comfortable shoes with a non-skid sole or boots that allow you to make the whole journey without problems.

Make sure you bring little snacks and bottles of water for the hike and bring your camera because this place has one of the best views of Mexico. This is a day trip so there's no need to book a hotel or a place to stay.

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