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Marzamemi Sicily

a pretty seaside village with greek vibes.


Marzamemi is a pretty village by the sea just off the southern tip of Sicily. It was originally a fishing village, mainly tuna and presently still quite active. Even though it has major Greek vibes, it actually does not have any Greek roots like other towns in Sicily. In fact, it was founded by Arabs. They gave the village its name Marsa ' al Hamen which translates " harbour of the turtle doves". We wandered around and found remnants of Arab influences, especially in the churches. and main square.

Beautiful churches Beautiful churches

Husband \x26 Son Husband & Son

Fishing village Fishing village

Wooden boat Wooden boat

While reading an article about Marzamemi in Conde Nast Traveler long before my trip. I read of a seafront restaurant called La Cialoma that makes excellent fish dishes. It was everything it lived up to. We were seated right by the water and ordered almost everything on the menu, as well as a bottle of rose.

Seafront restaurant La Cialoma Seafront restaurant La Cialoma

Perfect table Perfect table

Rose please Rose please

We ordered many dishes. We ordered many dishes.

Delicious fresh seafood. Delicious fresh seafood.

My son loved the recycling program My son loved the recycling program

Marzamemi Marzamemi

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