Plitvice Lakes – a must-see in Croatia

Croatia is famous worldwide for its coastline, full of beaches with an astonishing and unique turquoise blue. But it is within this country that lies one of its greatest treasures - the Plitvice Lakes.

They are a total of 16 lakes connected by waterfalls, which end up in the gigantic Great Waterfall - the largest in Croatia. The lakes are located in the Plitvice Lakes National Park (“Plitvicka Jezera” in Croatian), which has an area of almost 300 km2.

The Plitvice Lakes are divided into high lakes (12 lakes) and low lakes (4 lakes). Within the park there are different trails, running along the banks and crossing the lakes at some points.

Since the water in the lakes is transparent, its color changes depending on the light. So, it is worth starting the tour in the morning to see how its color changes to infinite shades of blue according to the sun.

The routes are signposted throughout the park and have different durations. The connection between the high and low lakes is made by an electric boat and the ticket is included on the entrance to the park. It is also advisable to purchase a map at the entrance of the park to facilitate orientation along the tour.

The Plitvice Lakes are about 130 km from Zadar, 140 km from Zagreb and 250 km from Split. Plitvice Lakes Park can be reached by car, bus or with one of the many excursions from Croatia's main cities. There are hotels within the Park itself and also in locations nearby.

Tourism in Croatia has exploded in recent years, partly driven by the Game of Thrones series and, consequently, tourism in Plitvice Lakes has also increased a lot. For that reason, nowadays the number of visitors inside the Park is limited and you need to get tickets in advance, by appointment. Therefore, be sure to book your ticket on the official Plitvice Lakes website and get to know one of the most impressive places in Croatia.

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