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Kastel Restaurant is definitely the number one restaurant in Karlovac. Apart from being recommended by Luka and me for its rich gastronomic offer and truly delicious food, the location of the restaurant itself is idyllic.

Located inside the Old Town of Dubovac, a medieval 13th-century castle, it offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. The interior is very cosy and warm because of the authentic old wood and wrought iron furniture that dominates the space, while the outside is a spacious terrace with a fairytale atmosphere.

The owner of the restaurant who is also the head chef, strictly ensures that all the food is fresh and homemade from local farms. The staff members make an effort to please every guest, and the food is superb not only in taste but also visually - the served dishes are a real artwork. The idea of the restaurant was to remove the focus from fast food that increasingly dominates local restaurants, which is why in Kastel you can enjoy exotic meals such as beef steak with button mushrooms and amaranth croquettes, salmon fillet in black sesame wrap with white sauce and vegetables, Zander fillet in panko breadcrumbs on potato and kale cold salad. As for the wine list, the restaurant offers top quality wines from all parts of Croatia. In addition to the wine offer, they also have excellent craft beers for those who prefer creatively produced beer without the use of cheap ingredients in production.

Just when you think it can't get better, well, of course, it can. Given the attractive location of the city and the high quality of the food, it would make sense that the prices are high. But in our humble opinion, the prices are more than affordable. The price of the main course costs about 10$ on average, and the soup or dessert averages about 4$.

We left Kastel full and satisfied and we definitely recommend this restaurant to any gourmet who wants to try something new and different.

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