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Zero waste apartment

While travelling to an unknown city, accommodation should be a top priority. When travelling to Zagreb, which has many beautiful accommodations, it is advisable to stay close to the city centre, as to facilitate exploration of the city and offer accessibility to all attractions of the Croatian capital.

One such accommodation is definitely "The Grič Eco Castle", located on the attractive location of the Upper Town, the most beautiful part of Zagreb. With its distinctive architecture and rich cultural content, it is only 10 minutes away from the main square.

Located inside a palace near the beautiful Grič Park, it offers a wonderful view of the Lower Town.

But this is no ordinary apartment because it comes with a story. Marko and Eva, a very nice couple from Zagreb, own this beautifully furnished apartment. In addition to being really kind and sweet, these two are real activists in the field of ecology and environmental protection in Croatia, as well as globally. When they started furnishing and equipping this apartment in the heart of Zagreb, the idea was to make it a "zero waste" apartment. Marko is an electrical engineer by profession and has been in the field of environmental protection for over 10 years, along with his girlfriend Eva. Both are definitely living up to what they stand for.

When you enter this 75m2 large apartment, the first thing you will feel is the love and effort that has been put into this space. The next things you can't miss is the pleasant scent of home-made air fresheners and the impeccable cleanliness of the entire accommodation. The apartment is modernly equipped and has everything to meet the needs of each individual.

Being eco-conscious, they make sure that all the cleaning detergents and washing powders are eco-friendly. All the fibres in the apartment are non-synthetic so the experience of sleeping on real wool or natural cotton is available. Recycling bins are provided in the apartment and all the bags are biodegradable. For many years, Marko has been producing his natural home-made olive and coconut oil soap, which is offered to any tourist staying in this apartment, as well as a recipe if you choose to make it on your own.

In the end, this beautifully decorated and equipped interior giving the feeling of home is not the only nice thing in this story - this apartment has a message for all of us. Recycling and being aware of the daily use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly household products should not be a difficult and „unnecessary“ process. To stop acting like we are doing it for someone else and for this to be considered as small steps we take for ourselves and our descendants with the goal of protecting the „accommodation“ of all of us - the planet Earth.

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