Dora-Luka contributor

Advent on Zrinjevac

Zrinjevac is, to me, personally one of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb, located in the city centre, just a few minutes on foot from the main city square. The park is dominated by numerous sycamore trees (lat. Platanus occidentalis) that give charm to this park/promenade at any time of the year, but in winter, Zrinjevac is somehow the most special. During the Advent, thousands of lights shine through the tree canopy, water in the fountains bursting into the rhythm of classical music, while the Music Pavilion, located in the centre of the park, which is usually the stage where promenade concerts are held, becomes a place where almost every day hold gigs of all genres of music. The promenade of the park at that time of the year becomes a fair with cute “little houses” where you can buy many souvenirs with holiday and Zagreb motifs authored by Croatian artists, as well as various indigenous food products from Croatian villages packed in decorative packaging, making these delicious specialities also an ideal gift for loved ones. Also, numerous booths offer a wide range of hot food and drinks. From food, I definitely recommend trying cabbage rolls and Zagorje strudel, while it is best to drink boiled cinnamon wine to warm you up while enjoying your outdoor meal.