Dora-Luka contributor

Advent at Klovicevi Dvori

Klovićevi Dvori Gallery is the largest gallery institution in Croatia. The Advent in Klovicevi Dvori is located on the east side of the Upper Town on the so-called Gradec Plateau with a magnificent view of the famous Zagreb Cathedral and the rooftops of the old houses of the central Lower Town of Zagreb. Like every year during Advent, this year there is no shortage of entertaining content on this site. The rich concert program, as well as the varied gastronomic offer, will certainly not disappoint the visitors. I guess that even the most demanding gourmets will not be disappointed after tasting a buttery sandwich in homemade nutmeg pumpkin with lamb as well as dumplings with batata paste filled with coconut, chocolate or hazelnuts. Since this year there is also Best Advent Photos, an installation made of construction and lamps in the form of a large Christmas present that overlooks the cathedral - a must-try location photo for a 2019 Advent in Zagreb. In addition to the ice skating rink at Ice Park, visitors will also be able to enjoy ice skating and the gallery atrium itself. During the Advent, an exhibition featuring design labels that adorned Christmas beer for the past 30 years has been also opened in Klović Dvori. We liked what we saw, now we invite you to come and enjoy!

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