Dora-Luka contributor


"City on four rivers"

Croatia is a small country with many cities, and Karlovac is definitely one of the most famous ones. But it is also a city that is, unfortunately, not a very popular tourist destination. It sounds contradictory, but it is certainly true.

Karlovac is geographically located in such an area that it is almost impossible to avoid it if you travel from north to south of the country and vice versa. And precisely because it is located at a road intersection, most often tourists just pass without staying there or at least not for long periods. Luka and I were also one of those “travellers” who went through Karlovac hundreds of times without even stopping for coffee. One weekend we decided to explore this undervalued town and we were left more than pleasantly surprised.

Only 50 km south of Zagreb lies this beautiful city known as "the city on 4 rivers". The name derives from the fact that four rivers pass through it: Mrežnica, Dobra, Korana and Kupa, which gives the city a special charm and natural beauty. Karlovac was founded in the 16th century as a fortress for protection against the Turkish conquest and was built on the idea of an ideal Renaissance city, shaped like a six-pointed star with a central square and streets intersecting at right angles.

What fascinated us about Karlovac is that from any side you enter the city, you notice that space is dominated by greenery - beautifully landscaped parks, lawns and arches. I gained the impression that the people of Karlovac do not need to escape from the bustle of the city somewhere in silence and isolation in nature because the city is so rich in arboretums that one only needs to get out of their home to merge with the nature provided by this unique city. With numerous parks, it is indispensable to walk along the Fogin Bath on the Korana River, which is also the first registered river bath in Croatia. On the other side of the coast, there is the Aquatika, a freshwater aquarium that represents the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and lakes, geological past, traditional culture and history of the four rivers that Karlovac lies on.

One of the sights of Karlovac that is definitely worth a visit is the Museum of Homeland War, which is of sentimental importance to the Karlovac people due to the fact that Karlovac was one of the cities known for the war suffering of the 1990s.

Every year in late August or early September, a beer festival is held in Karlovac and if you are a beer lover, you definitely have to try Karlovačko beer. Because yes, Karlovačko beer is the most famous beer in Croatia and it was produced in Karlovac - as its name implies.

It is certainly a special city because of its rich and interesting past and if you decide to visit for at least one day, you will not regret it. Take a walk along one of the rivers or sit on the lawn of one of the parks and relax.

In any case, if the trip leads you to Croatia, don't just pass through Karlovac like most tourists. Give the city a chance and explore it!