Dora-Luka contributor

Grič Tunnel

The Grič Tunnel is one of Zagreb's sights that connects Mesnička and Radićeva Street with a couple of branches with exits to Ilica and Tomićeva Street. The tunnel is 350 meters long and opened to the public in July 2016 while hosting its first Advent program in December of the same year. During the Advent, various Christmas motifs were evoked in the Grič tunnel every year, and in 2019 the Advent in Grič and throughout Zagreb was marked with the sign of the Nutcracker. The central space, which is 5.5 meters wide, is dominated by sculptures of giant Nutcrackers, while above them are numerous toys that appear to be scattered in the sky. As you walk through the tunnel, you can hear music from the Nutcracker ballet. Admission to the tunnel is free of charge and opening hours are daily from 9 am to 10 pm. Entry into the tunnel itself is possible from either side, but during the Advent, due to the passage of a large number of visitors, small “traffic changes” were made - it is possible to enter the tunnel exclusively from Mesnička Street and to go one way to the exit at Radićeva Street. Certainly one of the attractions of the Zagreb Advent that is worth a visit!