Dora-Luka contributor

Advent Zagreb

For the last 3 years, the Zagreb Christmas Fair has been proclaimed the most beautiful advent in Europe. As of this year, the Croatian metropolis is no longer at the top of the most beautifully decorated cities of the old continent, but it is still no obstacle to keep the heart of Zagreb attractive and alluring to tourists around the world as well as to the locals. The combination of holiday atmosphere, numerous facilities for families with small children, rich local and foreign gastronomy with a historical location where every year the Christmas fair is held, makes Advent in Zagreb without any exaggeration one of the more ideal locations for spending a pleasant time at that time of year that everyone we kind of love it the most. For us who grew up here, Advent in Zagreb is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the city more, or at least get to know already known places in Zagreb in a different and somehow more intimate way. Every year, organizers are devising more and more diverse content with the aim of finding something for everyone, so if you decide to visit this unique fair in Europe - there is no doubt that you will find something that will intrigue you. This year's Advent in Zagreb runs from November 30, 2019, to January 7, 2020. and the central theme is the Nutcracker. The sculptures of the Nutcracker, which is recognizable Christmas decoration around the world, will be appointed this year at all locations where Advent events are held in the city.

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