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Every time I used to travel from Zagreb to the south of Croatia, passing Karlovac, I would see a castle from the highway. I have never visited Karlovac, because this city is unfortunately often neglected by tourists and Croatians likewise. Since Luka and I like to escape from the crowds of Zagreb to some quieter and smaller places within Croatia, we decided to visit Karlovac - a beautiful city on four rivers.

After being pleasantly surprised by the beauty of its centre and the promenade along the Korana River, we decided to visit the Dubovac castle, which won our favour even from afar.

The castle itself is in Renaissance style with Gothic elements. It is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved castles of feudal architecture in Croatia. Dating back to the 13th century it has been rebuilt and reconstructed many times throughout history.

The old town of Dubovac is located 185 meters above sea level, above the Kupa River, giving it a breathtaking view of the town that rests beneath it, Karlovac. There were defence, storage and living quarters between the towers of the castle, while today it is a military museum.

Inside the castle, on the ground floor, the restaurant Kastel is located, which we wholeheartedly recommend (review of the restaurant is named "Restaurant Kastel").

If you are expecting to be wooed by this castle or see something exotic, maybe this isn't the best place to visit. But if you are looking for tranquillity inside an oak-rich forest (the name for the oak in Croatian is "dub" after which the castle is named) with a beautiful view of the city, be sure to visit!

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