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Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays Islands

Nature, tourism and sustainability

Airlie’s holiday vibes

Airlie Beach is a graceful coastal locality based in Tropical North Queensland between Townsville and Mackay. This lovely little town embodies all typical traits of Australia when it comes to its relaxed atmosphere and beach life and everybody seems to worship their lives. Days run incredibly slow-paced and people are very laid-back, spending most of their time window shopping in flip flops down the main streets or sunbathing at the Lagoon during the day. Its vibrating streets are home to only a thousand people and yet, it's one of the backpackers' favorite destinations on the East Coast. But Why? It's no mystery that most travelers choose with two things in mind when looking for their next destination: fun and entertainment. Well, this enchanting piece of land has got both and its proximity to the Whitsunday Islands is a bonus for those looking for alternative activities.

Main beach Main beach

Airlie by night

Airlie is a pocket-size town, therefore its best venues are all gathered in its main street. It goes without saying that when darkness falls Shute Harbour Road becomes the epicenter of the city. On weekends, the town turns the lights on, the crowd takes to the street and the night is suddenly on fire. Airlie by night gives you the impression of a fiery holiday location of Spain, with its lively atmosphere, music and light effects that create a harmonious ambiance and a festive spirit. Enjoy delicious seafood in the number of restaurants by the Harbour, drink up all night at the buzzing Magnums Bar, party hard at Mama Africa Night Club or have a romantic rendezvous on the beach, Airlie will suit everyone's taste.

Magical sunset from Shute Harbour Rd Magical sunset from Shute Harbour Rd

Whitsundays Islands

Located in the heart of the Great Barrier reef, lie 74 islands in the crystalline open-water of the Coral sea. The majority of the islands are uninhabited and home to some of the wildest national parks in the area. The Whitsundays are a collection of beautiful white beaches surrounded by the stunning colors of the corals and amazing wildlife. Some of the islands have witnessed the hand of the man changing the balance of nature over the years. Piles of resorts have been built along the immaculate shores of the most touristic beaches like Hamilton Island and some others, like Whitehaven Beach, have been stormed by crowds of tourists and at times, may appear a little congested. Other than that a multitude of other places are still pristine and nature lovers will still be able to enjoy a great session of scuba diving in the turquoise water, among the incredible marine life and colorful coral reef before admiring the sunset on the beach.

Whitehaven Beach Whitehaven Beach

How to get there?

Airlie Beach plays an important role in the Whitsundays Islands tourism. Every day, dozens of charter boats regularly sail back and forth from its harbor and many travel agencies will be more than happy to arrange your trip. Depending on the package you choose (day tours or overnight sailing and more) prices may vary but usually range between $120 and $600 when including activities. Those with sufficient financial resources and unconcerned about the environment might as well opt for a scenic flight by helicopter. However, Airlie Beach is a well know land of sailors and it is not unlikely to run into one of these singular sea dogs and trade a ride.

Catch a ride at the Sailing Club Catch a ride at the Sailing Club

Live sustainably in Airlie

We are living in a time where the environmental crisis is taking on an ever more alarming dimension, it is, therefore, our duty and responsibility to ensure we turn things around. In Airlie Beach, you can find several sailors who promote a sustainable lifestyle and welcome volunteers who will help carry out various ecological projects in return for food and accommodation and why not, a free trip to the Whitsundays Islands. The majority of these boats are self-sufficient and run by solar panels and wind turbines, all renewable energies. Additionally, you can become a volunteer at Eco Barge, a non-profit environmental organization based in Airlie and help protect the marine life and aquatic environment of the Whitsunday Region by removing marine debris to reduce its impact, recycling and transforming ocean plastic to reduce landfill and providing care for injured marine turtles.

Myself as I volunteer on a boat Myself as I volunteer on a boat

In conclusion…

This beautiful strip of land of the Whitsunday Region is worthwhile, with a lot to see and to do. Don't miss out on your next sailing experience and savor the flavor of your favorite drink in a live music bar with your friends. Enjoy nature and help respect it. Keep our planet alive and explore its beauty!

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