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Welcome to Cairns

The Adventure Capital of Australia


Cairns lures three millions of tourists each year. To many, a conspicuous number of people which is, without a doubt, destined to grow higher and higher over the next years. Travelers from all countries, as well as locals, literally fall for this touristic gem of Tropical North Queensland and they sure have a point. But before we analyze all the reasons why Cairns is so deeply loved by everyone, let's have a throwback at the city's history, shall we?

Oceanview Apartments Oceanview Apartments

Cairns was officially founded in 1876 and named after the State Governor of the day Sir William Wellington Cairns. Originally inhabited by local Aboriginal tribes, it wasn't long before goldfields were discovered and white settlement, gripped by gold fever, eventually found a place to settle down. In the following years, the agricultural sector established itself as the largest source of economy in town, and sugar cane plantations quickly spread all over Queensland. Rail lines were then built to facilitate trade with more remote areas. This event has soon been identified as the key to the City's expansion process as it attracted a large number of immigrants involved in the construction. The rest is history as Cairns set to become a city symbol of the tropics in our time.

Sugar Cane Plantation Early 1900 Sugar Cane Plantation Early 1900

Fast-forward to today! It's now clear how Cairns managed to work its way to the top through the years. But what is it that still makes it such a popular destination these days? Several examples could be given to explain its success as the city possesses a wide range of virtues yet, versatility is certainly the most appropriate of them all.

Tropical Beach Near Cairns Tropical Beach Near Cairns

Cairns is a modern city and is suitable for all sorts of people. Perfect for families or couples who want to enjoy a calm and relaxed holiday or travelers on a budget seeking some exciting activities and booming nightlife. The city center offers a multitude of shops and restaurants, not to mention all the street markets that take place throughout the month. Hereabouts, local businesses have the opportunity to showcase their wares while providing a recreational activity for all visitors who can soak up the color, the character and the smell coming from the various stalls.

Cairns Night Markets Cairns Night Markets

Enjoy a yummy gelato while strolling around the Esplanade and take a dip at the Lagoon, where locals like to lay out a picnic in the surrounding park. Here, several BBQ are placed along the boardwalk where groups of friends chat over succulent mixed grills. A short walk away you will discover a whole world of fun...skateparks, beach volley fields, and healing garden playgrounds are great spots for those willing to spend some time in the open air. But if you want to know more about life in the tropics, if you like stories about rainforests and reefs or if you crave for old Aboriginal traditions in Queensland, then you should consider paying a visit to the Cairns Museum where a detailed collection of objects, photographs, and archival records can be found along with the secrets and the memories of the people that contributed to the development of Cairns over the years.

View of the Esplanade View of the Esplanade

City Boardwalk at Sunset City Boardwalk at Sunset

Right, this is all very fascinating but it is now time to get to the real masterpieces around town. It is no mystery that Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rainforest, two of the most important World Heritage Sites in Australia who make the city such a cherished destination Down Under. Both natural wonders offer incredible activities and tours and are a must-do for all adventurers. Book a boat tour to the reef and enjoy a delightful snorkel/scuba diving experience. Depart early from Marlin Marina and embark on a journey to explore the world’s largest and longest coral reef system with its myriad of shining corals and unique marine life. In the case you get seasick, the Daintree guarantees a valid alternative by land and provides access to the hearth of the oldest rainforest on the planet. Marvel at the magnificence of this absolute piece of history and gaze at the triumph of nature. Here plenty of guided tours and cruises are available and will allow you to enjoy the rare flora and fauna around. Keep your eyes open and with a little luck, you might spot a few Cassowaries or crocodiles.

Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef

Waterfalls, the Daintree Rainforest Waterfalls, the Daintree Rainforest

A Specimen of Cassowary A Specimen of Cassowary

These are only a few highlights in town but the entire region is worth a visit. So, if you have time and want to discover more about the beauties of the tropics, go to Cairns, you can't go wrong!

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