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a year ago

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

In The Heart Of Buddhism

Shwedagon pagoda

The most important religious site in Myanmar is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a stunning and spectacular landmark which will leave you speechless.

The pagoda, 98 meters tall, dominates the entire city with its golden dome, which became one of the symbols of the country.

They say that Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the oldest in the world, but there are not official sources to confirm that.

The pagoda is the Buddhist centre par excellence in Myanmar and everyday is filled with lines of devoted people and tourists.

Visiting the Pagoda will take you to an actual journey inside Myanmar religion and culture as well. Many events and festivals, in fact, are held at the Pagoda every day, becoming a sort of gathering place for local people.

The Full Moon Day of Tabaung is one of the greatest festival taking place at the Pagoda. Visitors from all over the country come to bring their offers to Buddha’s statues and prey all together.

This religious site is also very famous within the Buddhist community since it treasures the relics of Buddha’s hair. The legend tells that Buddha in person gave 8 of his hair to two Burmese brothers, Tapussa e Ballika. After this fascinating encounter, the two brothers told the King the story and he decided to build the pagoda to honor Buddha.

How to get there

You can easily reach the Pagoda by taxi (probably the fastest option), but also on foot from the main city center, but it would be a long walk!

The entrance fee is 10000 kyat (5 euro).

Quick reminder: everybody must remove their shoes and women must cover their legs and shoulders. You can borrow a longyi (the traditional long skirt) at the entrance.

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