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Pizza House

Homemade pizza chain


Pizza House is located in three small Catalonian cities: Hospitalet de Llobregat, Reus, and Cardedeu. I went to the Hospitalet venue and I was lucky enough to meet the owners, a Catalonian married couple making pizzas since 1988. They tried to be a part of different chains but none of them suited them, they felt restrained and felt the quality of their pizzas diminished every day. So they decided to create Pizza House, a pizza

Pizza mexicana Pizza mexicana

delivery place that looks like a chain but its pizza tastes like homemade pizza.

Here, I tried (and shared) three dishes. First, I had some perfectly cooked chicken wings with barbecue sauce. Then, some breaded and baked triangles of brie cheese. This is it, this is the extra dish you must order when you order a pizza here. It was light (as light as brie cheese can be), crunchy, and super tasty. And to finish, and almost not even hungry anymore, I tried the Mexican Pizza, served with mozzarella, tomato sauce, red and green pepper, bacon, meat, and hot sauce. The bomb!

Pizza Mexicana Pizza Mexicana

I ate a lot of pizzas over the past year (I lived in Italy for a while) and I've tried different qualities and tastes. One thing I always notice when I try a new pizza is the taste of truly loving pizza-making, and this one has it.

Chickenwings Barbecue Chickenwings Barbecue

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