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Fusion food in L’Hospitalet

Sabors is located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. A small city right next to Barcelona when you’re going to the South. It’s almost part of Barcelona, there is a lot of metro lines that take you there and you can barely notice when Barcelona ends and Hospitalet begins.

The place is really wide and well lighted. It’s inside the City of Justice of Barcelona and Hospitalet. Here is where Catalonian justice is done.

Hummus Hummus

The menu has lots of Spanish dishes but always with a Middle East twist on it.

Here, I tried 3 dishes. First, some Paletilla de Bellota. Paletilla is a different kind of the traditional Spanish ham. The main difference is that Paletilla is made with the front legs of the pork (skinnier) while the ham is made with the rear legs (thicker). This was amazing, not too salty and perfectly cut.

Then, as a main dish I had grilled octopus with aleoli (parsley and garlic) and boiled potatoes. A delight.

And for dessert, I ate a wonderful cheesecake with strawberry jam, whipped cream and pistachios. What else could I ask?

Octopus Octopus

So, if you’re ever wandering around Hospitalet and wanna try really good food for its price, with perfect service and location, go to Sabors, you won’t regret it!

Ham Ham

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