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Mexico - Puerto Escondido

or someone who is always on the move, when I don’t travel I start to get an itch and suddenly find myself scrolling away on Instagram looking for my next desired destination. To be blunt, I need to get the fuck out of here. The snow and wind was making me depressed and I needed a bit of vitamin C. I knew I wanted a beach but now where? Europe is still cold and Asia is too far away for a 5-6 day vacation so it would need to be South America, Mexico or the Caribbean. I also needed to find a friend who would pick up and travel with me for the week.

I ended up having dinner with my friend Olivia and she verbatim says “I’m in Mexico city for work next week but really want to travel the week after....somewhere in the region”. It was like the heavens opened up and an angel descended upon me. I knew I was set. We looked up every possible place we could go in Mexico. We crossed off Tulum because we had been there, San Miguel Allende because we wanted a beach and then got to the Oaxaca region. Olivia works in the art world and knew about an art foundation in Oaxaca called Casa Wabi. I looked it up and my jaw instantly hit to the floor. Located on a beach in Puerto Escondido, there was nothing for miles but beach. This was it. Not only was it “it” but there was a hotel right next door to the foundation. Hotel Escondido would be our retreat away. We booked right away. I could talk for days about this place but everyone likes looking at photos more. Here are the best ones from the trip - 

Our Villa at the Hotel Our Villa at the Hotel

Things to know

There are a total of 16 villas so there are no more than 32 people at the hotel at once. Awesome right? 

The hotel is 30-45 minutes from the closest town so if you are looking for an adventure this is not the place to go. If you want to relax on the beach, take a long walk, get a massage and eat good food......this is the place for you. 

Make sure to bring sunscreen, they only have 50 SPF in their store.

When they ask for your preference in food and allergies make sure to write them down. Although lunch is a huge menu, for dinner the menu switches to fresh ingredients every day and you only have an option of 1 of 2 items for an appetizer and 1 of 2 items for entrée. This is always delicious but if you have dietary restrictions make sure you write them out. 

There are dogs (they’re yellow labs, they're adorable and well-groomed), just an FYI.

Max you need is 5-7 full days here and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Cost breakdown

Flights – To get to Puerto Escondido you need to fly to Mexico City and then get a connection to PE. I actually ended up going to Mexico city the day prior so that I could see the city a bit. From NYC, these flights can range from $400 to $600 dependent on your dates. I had a lot of points from Delta so I used these for my flight. (Side note – it should be every parent’s duty to sign their kids up for points systems when they are young to start racking them up. Skymiles is my favorite but always always always sign up for whichever airlines you are on).

Hotel Escondido – Again, depending on your dates the room ranges from $200 a night to $500 a night. Obvious tip: Look for an off week or weekend and book then!

Food – Breakfast + dinner can be included in the hotel price but lunch is a separate bill. I would plan to add another $50 per day for this (Inc. alcohol for dinner) but this obviously can range dependent on how much you are trying to drink/eat.

Overall, this has been one of my favorite hotels world-wide to date and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to disconnect for a bit. 

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