hugocr91 contributor

Mazunte Magic Town

Oaxaca, Mexico

Mazunte is one of the most beautiful beaches and less known in the south of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. This place is called “magic town” for all the cultural things and activities you can do.

It looks like time pass slower in Mazunte as you relax watching the sunset looking the waves arriving at the beach, all the people there are super friendly and there are a lot of young international tourist which makes the experience better.

Don’t miss the chance to watch the sunset in Punta Cometa which is a small mountain at the end of Mazunte’s beach. To get to the top you need to hike like 25 minutes so be sure to get tennis shoes or water shoes to go up the hill and bring water for the heat, I promise all the hike is worth it as you get to the top and see one of the most impressive views of your life.

This is a place where you can do activities to help nature, you can help free baby turtles into the ocean and is really cheap and nice to do that, also here you will find 3 of the 8 marine turtles species of the world and if you have more time, there are voluntary assignments for one month for you to help take care of the turtles if you want.

Mazunte is also a surf town; Playa de San Agustinillo is one of the most popular places to surf in Latinamerica as it has an open sea and the waves are big enough to have a great experience swimming, they offer also classes for $200 an hour if you want to learn.

This place is more like a hippie town, with a nice vibe that other touristic beaches won’t offer. As you walk in Mazunte you will find people playing music, others practicing yoga, small bars at the side of the beach where people from all over the world gather to party and play music, and if you’re lucky enough you can watch a Jazz festival which is organized in the beach at night.

To go to Mazunte, I would recommend staying in Puerto Escondido, which is the biggest city that is closest. You can take a taxi and probably will charge you like $100 pesos and like 1 hour away and is super safe for tourists.