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Exploring The Culture In Oaxaca

Oaxaca, México

Mitla Handicrafts Market

Last year during my trip to Oaxaca we got to visit a handicrafts market just outside the city in a town called Mitla.

Native Handicraft Clothes Native Handicraft Clothes

It’s an amazingly colorful place! Here you can find beautiful handmade clothes, uniquely crafted items made by native people from Oaxaca at a fair price. If you're a tourist this is the ideal place for you to buy gifts for your friends and family.

\x22Alebrijes\x22 Mexican Handicraft "Alebrijes" Mexican Handicraft

Oaxaca has its own traditional drink called Mezcal. It's a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave. Agaves are found in various parts of Mexico.

Mezcal Bottle Mezcal Bottle

We went to a Mezcalería called "Casa Espadín" which is located on a highway 10 minutes away from Mitla and is where they produce this drink and we got to learn about the process of making Mezcal. After a compelling lesson, we got to taste the mezcal which was such an amazing experience.

Agave plant Agave plant

Process of creating Mezcal Process of creating Mezcal

On my trip, I met people from all over the world and I was surprised by how much they enjoyed the culture in Mexico and in Oaxaca. Visit Mexico!

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