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Discovering Oaxaca

Oaxaca, México

Oaxaca is a state in the south of Mexico which is world famous because of its culture, history, archeological places, beaches and amazing landscapes.

Last year I had the opportunity to go again after almost 12 years and it was even better than the last time. I traveled with an agency, called Hang Out Mexico, who plans trips for exchange students in Mexico,  Their trips are great and lots of fun!  I got to travel with people from other countries and see their perspective as well as my own.  

We traveled all night from Mexico City and arrived in Oaxaca at 8 am. With not much sleep we started the day in a place called Hierve el Agua, a site one of my best friends had told me was breathtaking and that I had to see for sure.

This place is a set of natural rock formations that are created by freshwater springs, whose water is over-saturated with calcium carbonate and other minerals. As the water scurries over the cliffs, the excess minerals are deposited, much like how stalactites are formed in caves.

You can go down a path that leads to the bottom of the waterfall where you can see another perspective of the landscape, but be careful because it's a long way back up!

Hierve el Agua is a fantastic place for people who love taking pictures, with one of the best views I have ever seen in my life. It is also one of only two places in the world like this. Also, the people who work there are super friendly and they sell excellent food at the entrance at a very good price.

If you come to Mexico and visit Oaxaca you’ll find that it has a lot of great things to see and it's really worth it.

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