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Best Seafood in Koufonisia, Greece

Aneplora Restaurant

I’m going to keep this story short because there is not much to say about this hidden gem of a restaurant in Koufonisia. You can find good seafood almost anywhere on the Island but Aneplora offers the perfect combination of amazing food, service and a view to die for.

Entrance Entrance

Fine dining on the Island means sit your but down, go pick out fish you want, order a bottle of rose, lean back and watch the sunset. The Greeks are not pretentious and neither should you be. The idea of this restaurant was like coming home and having a home cooked meal with friends. Make sure you order the grilled fish a classic, the fried shrimp will get you addicted and the Greeks suprisingly do pasta really well!! It’s a family style menu, so don't be afraid to order a bunch of stuff and go in as they say!

Fried Shrimps Fried Shrimps

The view from the restaurant is honestly what brought it all together for me. The restaurant faces a marina, making for the perfect forground to the daily sunsets.

The view The view

Bon apetite!